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We agree that, from time to time, Disaster.Com may consent to publish certain articles, infographics, pictures, illustrations or other content (collectively, "Content") written or developed by you, but only on the following terms and conditions. By submitting Content to Disaster.Com, you acknowledge that you have read and are bound by this agreement, as well as any other Disaster.Com usage agreements that may govern your conduct.


  1. You retain ownership of all Content developed by you and submitted to Disaster.Com, whether published on or by Disaster.Com, subsidiaries, parents, affiliates or successors, or not published by the same. You grant Disaster.Com the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, and display such Content (in whole or part) worldwide and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed; However, once the Content has been submitted to Disaster.Com you agree that you will not publish it elsewhere online, in part or in whole, including your own website or blog, without prior written permission of Disaster.Com;
  2. Content must be your own original work that has never been published on any other website, forum, chat or social media network, in part or in whole. You agree and certify that all Content or portions of Content provided to Disaster.Com a) Were developed by you, b) Do not infringe on third-party rights, c) Are not copyrighted in the United States or elsewhere, d) Do not have any other forms of protection in the United States or elsewhere preventing their transfer to and display on Disaster.Com, e) Have not been displayed or posted elsewhere, whether in electronic or paper form, and f) You are authorized to provide such Content to Disaster.Com and to sign this agreement; Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted; You must not plagiarize others in your article.
  3. The Content you submit must not be objectionable in our reasonable but exclusive opinion. No racist, hateful, discriminatory, illegal, unlawful or otherwise objectionable Content will be published.
  4. Content will acknowledge your authorship; You will receive a promotional "byline" (this may or may not contain your name, position, website and biography) in connection with such Content, which byline must be approved by Disaster.Com's editorial staff. You also agree that we can publicize your association with Disaster.Com at any time without further authorization from you, and can use content contained within your "byline"; You will be allowed to have one link to your website within the author acknowledgement. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site. You may also have one link to each of the following: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If we find any links or social media handles inappropriate, we have the right to not include the links and/or social media handles with the Content. Disaster.Com reserves the right to remove the author acknowledgement link within Disaster.Com's sole discretion.
  5. If we use your Content, you may promote it on your own website, Facebook, Twitter or other social media forums. Promoting does not mean you post the entire article on these forums. You may include a link to your Content and a short sentence or two explaining what the article is about;
  6. Affiliate links shall not be included in Content submissions;
  7. Disaster.Com reserves the right to add its own affiliate links;
  8. We do not pay for submissions. If you decide to submit Content to our site, you do so with the knowledge that you shall not be entitled to any compensation for writing the Content or for any other compensation related to the Content.
  9. Disaster.Com welcomes images and/or video to accompany your Content as long as they meet the following requirements:
    1. You must be the copyright holder of the image/video OR the image/video must be licensed under an appropriate creative commons license or in the public domain. Proof must be submitted along with any image/video showing that it does not infringe on copyright laws.
    2. Disaster.Com reserves the right to change/edit the image/video if necessary.
    3. If people are included in the image/video, then you must provide a written release allowing use of likeness.
    4. Video/image submissions must be relevant to the Content.
    5. Disaster.Com reserves the right to deny or remove any image/video it deems inappropriate or contrary to the values of the Disaster.Com company and brand.
  10. Disaster.Com will share and promote the Content on a variety of social media networks, but does not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.
  11. Links to any third-party site must be relevant to the topic and approved by Disaster.Com. Excessive links or links that appear to be affiliated or spam related will be removed at the discretion of Disaster.Com.
  12. You will not promote yourself, your company, or any company you have a professional or business association with within any submitted Content unless it is specifically relevant and necessary to the Content. You will provide a disclaimer within the Content if you have an association with any person or company contained within the Content.
  13. All search engine optimization (“SEO”) information, such as anchor text or alt tags, will be reviewed and subject to inclusion at the discretion of Disaster.Com.
  14. All Content is reviewed and approved by Disaster.Com prior to posting. Disaster.Com reserves the right to edit Content where necessary.
  15. Disaster.Com reserves the right to refuse publication of or remove Content without prior notice to you.
  16. By providing Content to Disaster.Com, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of the Disaster.Com website or company.
  17. The term "Content" will include all Content previously submitted by you and published by Disaster.Com.
  18. You are legally responsible for your commentary, whether in the form of a post, comment, or Content submitted in any manner. You can be held personally liable for any commentary deemed to be defamatory, obscene (not swear words, but rather the legal definition of “obscene”), proprietary, or libelous (whether pertaining to Disaster.Com, individuals, or any other entity). For these reasons, you should exercise caution with regards to exaggeration, colorful language, guesswork, obscenity, copyrighted materials, legal conclusions, and derogatory remarks or characterizations. You develop Content on sites of others at your own risk since outside parties can pursue legal action against you (not Disaster.Com) for such postings.
  19. When quoting others, you will ensure to properly cite your source;

You understand that all Content posted to Disaster.Com is the sole responsibility of the individual who originally posted the Content. All opinions expressed by users of this site are expressed strictly in their individual capacities, and do not represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Disaster.Com or any of its affiliated organizations.

You agree that Disaster.Com will not be liable, under any circumstances and in any way, for any errors or omissions, loss of damage of any kind incurred as a result of any Content posted on this site. You agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of any Content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such Content.

You agree to indemnify Disaster.Com, it's owners and subsidiaries, and hold them harmless from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including court costs and reasonable fees and expenses of attorneys, expert witnesses and other professionals, arising out of or resulting from any action by a third party against Disaster.Com that is based on any claim that any Content infringes a copyright or other proprietary right or violate a trade secret.

The laws of the State of New York will govern this agreement.

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