Flood Survival Tips:  Knowing the Facts

Flood Survival Tips: Knowing the Facts

A flood is a large overflow of water beyond its normal confines that covers normally dry areas.  Flooding occurs in every state in the U.S. and in every region of Canada.  According to the National Weather Service, the average loss of life to flooding is 89 individuals a year and an astounding $8.2 Billion in damages.  Steps can be taken now to lessen the danger and damage posed by flooding.  The following is an introductory guide, resource directory and survival tips to assist the reader in being ready. Survival Tips for Before Flooding Occurs Some things one can do before a flood are: Prepare you home before hand. Modifications to the home can be done to reduce the damage caused by flooding.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publishes a free guide entitled Protecting Your Home And Property From Flood Damage that will help a homeowner make decisions on how best to avoid property damage and personal risk posed by flooding.  Some state level agencies also publish similar guides. Avoid building new homes in floodplains.  If the building is situated in a floodplain, it must be elevated and reinforced. Construct barriers (e.g., beams, floodwalls, etc.) to stop waters from entering your home. Research and know the areas prone to flooding in your area. Seal basement walls with waterproofing material. Make sure gutters and drains are always clear. Be sure to elevate electrical panels, switches, sockets, furnaces, fuel tanks, etc. if the area is susceptible to flooding. Note that flood losses are not normally covered under homeowner’s insurance polices, so have proper flood insurance for your home or business.  Flood insurance is available...
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