Seeking Volunteers for Post-Disaster Updates

Seeking Volunteers for Post-Disaster Updates

In an effort to help, We’d like to launch focus sections of the Disaster.Com site dedicated to coverage of major active disasters – air crashes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.

When something terrible happens, We would like to create a new section of the site and have links to articles, press releases and other factual (not opinion) pieces aggregated on a 24×7 basis for that specific disaster.

To make 24×7 work, We need to have 5-10+ (preferably 10 or more) people from various timezones around the world participate in finding and posting information. It may last for a few days. It may last for a few weeks. There’s no way to know. What we do know is that there is always a significant amount of non-factual information out there (for example – “What air travel experts say may have happened to the Air Asia flight”). These aren’t helpful, and they make real information harder to find. Until we get full coverage, we won’t be able to launch this.

If anyone is interested in volunteering (and this is a serious thing – we don’t want people to volunteer and then, when it comes time to do the work, not show up) please fill out a volunteer form or private message us (on the forums) with your timezone, when you would normally be able to dedicate time to doing this, and a list of languages you can speak/translate.

Anyone who does participate will get a “FocusWriter” badge, and also be allowed to state on their resume/CV that they are a volunteer here.

We’re probably a bit late to do this for the Air Asia tragedy, but we’d like to be prepared for the next one that will (unfortunately) happen.


Chris (Disaster.Com CEO)

Chris is the owner of Disaster.Com, along with being a business consultant and entrepreneur. In addition to working 80 hours a week on Disaster.Com, Chris is spending another 80 hours a week building a small business consulting company called Fair Winds Strategies. When he’s not working, you can find Chris hanging out with his wife and kids, or on his sailboat (which he spent two years living on and cruising down to the Bahamas from New York, and then back).

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