Infographic: Beating That Winter Storm

Infographic: Beating That Winter Storm
Beating That Winter Storm

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Winter storms are fast approaching and it's just about time to get out the snow shovels and salt. Share this great infographic with friends and family to learn about the different levels of warnings the National Weather Service uses, a checklist of items to get to prepare for winter storms, numerous useful tips, and information such as how many days it snows in each state, the snowiest places on earth and the coldest cities from around the globe. 


Chris is the owner of Disaster.Com, along with being a business consultant and entrepreneur. In addition to working 80 hours a week on Disaster.Com, Chris is spending another 80 hours a week building a small business consulting company called Fair Winds Strategies. When he's not working, you can find Chris hanging out with his wife and kids, or on his sailboat (which he spent two years living on and cruising down to the Bahamas from New York, and then back).

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  1. I did look at it and it was just a paragraph.

    Btw i really don't understand this post..should we add up information there or in here.

    Also...that blog of yours is really awesome and it fits the original forum's layout aptly.
    Lucky for me, we don't really get much snow in North Carolina. Though, I say that, but when we DO get snow (even if it is just an inch) the entire state shuts down, haha.

    Last year we had the most snow days out of all ten years I've lived here, and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, which was nice because with kids out of school it gave us something to do. But then a good portion of our town lost power (us included). I was pregnant with 3 kids at home. It was cold, dark, and boring. We phoned a friend nearby who still had power and camped out there for the day until things were up and running.

    I will say, in addition to all the prep you mention, it is nice to have friends and neighbors close by to weather the storm with.
    We get snow at times, but the worst is the ice storms. It's always great to have more information to help get prepared for winter storms. I think I'm still experiencing the effects of trauma from the last ice storm, lol. I shudder at the thought of another one, but the season will soon be upon us. I appreciate any and all info. Thanks, Labatt.
    Ice storms are the worst because not only do you have to deal with all the ice around your home, there is also a lot on the road and therefore you are pretty much stuck at home unless you want to chance driving in it. During the last ice storm we had, the power went out for 3 days. Luckily it was so cold outside that I did not lose any fridge or freezer food because I just placed it outside on the back deck...stayed cold enough out there to keep it fresh. My biggest word of advice is to be creative and use the resources you have available to you (like my deck freezer method). If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, stockpile some wood because the stores will run out quick.
    I am definitely prepping for winter, even though we are predicted to have a milder wet one this year. I still want to have lots of food on hand in the even that all that wetness decides to turn into snow and cause a real mess. After last winters snow and ice that just would not leave I think it will be nice to have no snow at all this year if that's what happens. I feel bad for those who are already getting winter weather.
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