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Illegal Chinese Fishing In Indonesia

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  • Illegal Chinese Fishing In Indonesia

    After the news about Argentina sinking a Chinese fishing vessel illegally fishing on their shores now comes news about another vessel illegally fishing on Indonesian shores. Indonesia is saying that a Chinese vessel was caught by a fisheries ministry patrol ship on Saturday within Indonesia's exclusive economic zone which overlaps with the South China Sea. It was already being towed by the Indonesian authorities when a Chinese coastguard vessel collided with it, allowing its escape.

    Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi told that the government of Indonesia wants an explanation from Beijing about the incident.

    Here's the article on what happened:

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    Seems like that Chinese boat intentionally rammed them to help them escape...
    Which is terrible, overfishing is such a huge problem because these dummies don't know how to follow simple rules.
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      I also can't understand why Chinese fishermen seem to frequently fish illegally outside their territories. Many countries have already been harassed by these Chinese fishermen especially their neighboring countries. It even seems like their government is consenting this kind of disrespectful action.
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        I think the Chinese fisherman are seeing just how far the other countries are willing to be pushed, and if there's no reaction then over time the area that China is allowed to fish in will increasingly grow.

        The Chinese economy is growing stronger year by year, and the tactics of the fishermen are being employed in other sectors and maybe that's why in most markets these days, your likely to see a Chinese alternative.
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          First Argentina (and the navy literally sank the intruding Chinese vessel), now Indonesia. Not a long time ago, those Chinese fishermen were caught red-handed by the Philippine coastguard. They illegally loaded a number of endangered marine species into their boats within the Philippine's territorial waters. And then China demanded that the Philippine government release the illegal fishermen or else ties will be "damaged."

          I think they're going to do the same thing with Argentina and Indonesia. They do not know how to look at an issue fair and square. Even if those fishermen did something illegal and unforgivable towards other nationalities, because they're Chinese, the Chinese government would turn a blind eye to their transgressions and even defend them from the very people they troubled? It's about time China learns a lesson. They cannot always have it their way.
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            It's just a matter of time I think before a country does stand up to them and say enough is enough. While there's no doubt that China is a powerful nation, and I'm sure most countries won't want to damage their relationship with them, one day it will have to happen.

            Chinese fishermen will continue to do whatever they want because they know that their government will back them up. It only takes one country to ignore the Chinese government's demands, and say they committed the crime so they will be punished, end of.

            Then maybe the fishermen night think twice in future knowing that they aren't going to be allowed to get away with it like they have been doing.
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              You're right pwarbi & xTinx. The Argentinian coast guards did the right move in showing these Chinese fishermen that they couldn't just fish anywhere they want. For a long time now, they have been very disrespectful of their poorer neighboring countries including the Philippines. I am glad to learn from a local TV documentary the other day though that our Filipino fishermen are now learning to stand up for themselves amidst the show of power and bullying of the Chinese fishermen they encounter in our seas.


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                The regulators in every nation seemed to treat more strictly to illegal fishers. Everyone should know the law prohibition in every nations before making their activities. It is silly if ones neglect the law enforced in the sea they were fishing that could set them in a problem.
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