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  • Latest Report From South Sudan

    This was a topic I looked at back in my under-graduate days.
    It still remains one of the worst human rights atrocities in the modern world.
    It's only gotten worst and yet international attention has only gotten less....

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    Reading the article makes me speechless because it's actually my first time learning about the situation in South Sudan. As you said, their situation is not given much attention internationally whilst they are really in need of attention and international action right now. My heart goes out to all the victims of rape and murder in that area. It really is one of the worst human rights situation in the world. Fighters raping any woman they wanted to and killing individuals in the most horrific ways. The citizens are in dire need of help.


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      This is what happens when you leave the leadership position of a country to an illiterate fool. It's a shame because nobody in that country can or will do anything about it because they are either unable to due to their position in society, they don't care, or they are too scared. This is why other countries need to intervene. I bet if South Sudan had oil or gold USA and Europe would be sending their troops there in the thousands. If your country has nothing to offer the world, the world won't support it, therefore your country will fall to ruins, South Sudan is a perfect example of that.

      I really feel sorry for the innocent individuals that live there and when I can afford it, I'll try my best to help because there is no use me complaining and then doing nothing about it.


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        Ah yes SashaS of course.
        America loves to tout how it's the world's police force and it's "exporting democracy" but they only do so when it's geopolitically advantageous.
        The UN is trying to help in SS, but they are woefully understaffed and underfunded.


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          This conflict in South Sudan has been going on forever. I don't know when it actually started but way back College, many people have already expressed concern over the state of affairs in Sudan. It is really devastating. What are the super powers doing? They always brand themselves as "benevolent rescuers" but they don't even pay enough attention to countries that don't have the resources they seek.