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Russia is Bringing Back The World's Largest Surface-Combatant Ship

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  • Russia is Bringing Back The World's Largest Surface-Combatant Ship

    It is being reported in the Russian Tass news agency that the Russian Federation is bring back the heaviest surface-combat ships in the world, the Kirov-class battle cruisers. The warships have a displacement of around 25,000 tons and are larger than other surface ships, except for carriers and related. The reactivated ships will sport new equipment and weaponry. The news comes amid renewed tension between Russian and the west. Business Insider has details here.
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    I'm really speechless at the size of this ship, the armory and soldiers it can contain. It's just so awesomely huge. The thing though is the amount they have to send to be able to resurrect and fix the ship's vertical-launch systems alone costs $33.5 million. This is a relatively huge sum to bring out especially with the struggling oil industry, which is their major economic source. I guess we should wait until 2019 to see how the revitalization of the world's largest combatant ship would do.


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      As far as I know, Russia is the second country in the world that spends the most on it military. However, the gap between the USA and Russia is still huge. The USA is an absolute leader when it comes to the military expenditure. And yeah, I agree. The decision of bringing it back while the economic situation in the country is still far from good seems to be unintelligent a bit.


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        Its an expensive move, but I still don't understand why the US keep going on about how Russia is so bad. The Soviet Union seems to be doing their own thing there, minding their own business while North Korea threatens the west with bombs and ISIS is killing innocent people, yet 'Murica chooses to crap on Russia. I guess they are trying to show that they are ready to defend themselves. I hope the US doesn't try invade them with their stupid oil hungry antics, that will really tick me off.


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          Here's some information about these combatant ships:
          • The navy has started the rehaul of the four ships.
          • The Admiral Nakhimov has a budget of about 900 million euros for its redevelopment.
          • The Kirov battle cruisers can be said as the biggest and the heaviest in the world but has stopped operating since 1980s.
          • These large ships are set to be fitted with the newer missiles as part of their redevelopment.
          I wonder though just how useful these ships are when it comes to war if air power is used on them. Regardless, they are quite impressive especially with their capabilities and sizes. The finances though in redeveloping them were quite high. Is it worth it spending all that money on weapons like this? Or creating new weapons might be more justifiable?
          The Kirov-class Admiral Nakhimov (pictured) is the first of Russia's 800ft-long battlecruisers to be fitted out with cutting-edge weaponry and sonar technology and should launch in 2019.