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  • Syrian Trojan Horse Argument

    I was watching an interesting TV show the other night that was talking about the Syrian refuges and how some of them are coming to America because they have been bombed out of their homes. The show was basically criticizing Donald Trump for saying that the Syrians were entering the US as terrorists in a modern day Trojan Horse scheme. The argument seems ridiculous to me and as the show pointed out, it would be hard for them to disguise terrorists as Syrian refugees to get them into the country because the refugees basically have to be interviewed by all groups of Homeland Security before they are allowed into America, and they do not know where they will be going once they get here. What are your thoughts on this?

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    There is actual war where these refugees live and many of them have to flee for that reason. If they're coming into the country with nothing but the clothes on their bodies and their belongings in a bag, simple border security and regulation authorities should make sure nothing dangerous enters the country. At the end of the day, it's up to that country to make sure it's safe for their citizens and that no form of terrorism can enter. I don't think the refugees are idiotic and self-centered enough to go to a country who is welcoming them with open arms and helping them, just to kill their people. It's against what their religion teaches them and from what I know, most of those people are good and kind-hearted. I also noticed that the majority of the refugees entering are mothers and their children, as the men are either fighting or deceased. I doubt the mothers or their children would enter a country with the intention of killing their family and anyone else unfortunate enough to be in the area where it happens.
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      Most of the people that flee from Syria to other countries are the lucky ones who were able to get away from all that situation. And if they were lucky enough to bring their families with them, I would not doubt their intentions. After all, I have a family and just like them, all I'd want for them is to be safe. With proper checking and security, we can see if they carry any weapons that can cause trouble to that country they're fleeing into. But I think if they just want a safe place to live in, who are we to deny them of that? They certainly have been more than enough trouble, trauma and sacrifices just to be able to flee away from Syria. If people are threatened by them, then the government can just conduct constant checks on them on how they're doing.


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        The problem that I see, is that genuine refugees are fleeing the conflict in their own country, but surely they'd go to the next safest place, in this occasion Turkey. Turkey have set up camps in their country that are safe, have the necessary amenities and they are welcome to stay there for as long as it takes.

        What's happening though, is that Syrians are using this conflict as a way to get into other countries, to make a better life for themselves, but that isn't what a refugee is. Why should countries such as the US and the UK now let in 30,000 Syrians that they wouldn't have let in before, just because they are claiming refugee status?


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          I am ok with Syrians coming into the United States to seek shelter from the war they face in their country, but I do not think there is anything that will make them go back to Syria once the conflict is over and the place is determined to be safe once again...or at least as safe as it can be. We are a nation that helps people and welcomes them in with open arms, but I do not think we should turn our backs on the people who are Americans that also need some help in life. It is a delicate situation to say the least. From what I understand, they are only allowing 1% of the refugees into the US, but that is still a lot of people if you think about it, and more of a drain on our resources.


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            There is a war going on for control of the middle east, with a lot of different groups all mixed in.
            ISIS desperately needs fighters, so much so that they are trying to recruit people from other places and bring them too the battlefield.
            They are not EXPORTING warriors, they are IMPORTING them.
            This is the main reason I don't buy into the idea that these refugee's are terrorists in hiding.
            Besides, look at all the major acts of terrorism over the last 10 years (not just Islamic terrorism, all types) and you will see 2/3 of the attacks are done by people who are either citizens of the place they attack.
            Does anyone have any proof of refugee's carrying out terrorist attacks?
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