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North Korea Mobile Launchers

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  • North Korea Mobile Launchers

    I just read an article about what the Pentagon considers "a top threat". They are mobile missile launching systems capable of hitting much of the United States. The technology is pretty old, but the isolated and extreme government in Pyongyang now has it in the form of the KN-08 missile. Details are here.
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    That is why USA is considering positioning their missile defence systems in South Korea. This will be the first missile defence system in the region. China is suggesting for a diplomatic way to solve the stand off between North and South Korea but the North seems to be going very fast. China has already sent it's envoy to North Korea to urge them to consider halting their programs but there has been no solution.


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      I don't have any doubts that the US has the technology to defend their citizens and their country. Even with this mobile launchers, they will be able to think of ways to defeat North Korea, if ever the missile is launched at them. Furthermore, North Korea cannot fully test out this launcher, thus it's still unreliable and they won't be able to target specific areas of the US this way. If they do launch it, the possibility of them accurately hitting any country is still not sure.

      But that's not to say that we shouldn't be threatened by such a technology. The fact that they built such a weapon of destruction is quite scary. It's definitely not for defense and it's mainly aimed for attacking, the way I see it. I hope all other countries unite against the use of such weapons especially since it can hurt innocent people.


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        It's interesting how North Korea, a very small, strange and isolated country, is capable of producing things like this, given their lack of allies. Bear in mind that their lack of publicity could mean that they have even more up their sleeves than what they are willing to show. But if they were to try anything against USA, they would indefinitely fail, what America has will overpower almost any country.

        Just knowing the amount of money they spend maintaining what they consider to be the most powerful military force in the world should mean they are safe against a tiny country such as North Korea. The US also has allies that will help them and what does North Korea have? I think that North Korea acknowledges this and it's why they never attack anyone. All they do is show off the fact that they are ready to defend their country and that they are capable of doing so. It's still something that is not to be taken lightly though, as Briannagodess pointed out.