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China Plays Down South China Sea Military Exercises

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    Originally posted by JoshPosh View Post

    I'm not validating what they are doing in any way. I did not say I was for it. Just stating the fact they are doing what they want because they are trying preserve their way of life. They have gotten so big too fast that they can no longer sustain themselves by legal means of acquiring new resources.

    Stop using the words bullying like this is a high school fight and hazing incident. Use standard rule of law and take it to the UN like normal people. Bullying is not breaking the law, but encroaching within 100 nautical miles of a countries waters is. If you are going to use the laws set forth to protect people in the region then start using proper terminology and take it to court or in this case the UN tribunals.

    This is not genocide so I don't know why you are bringing up "The Whole Human Race". It is a legal matter to be taken up with the United Nations. That is where the matter is to be settled.
    Apologies for getting a tad emotional and bringing in the Human race,it just came by.
    China is attempting to change the status quo in the South China Sea region through force,now pls suggest a better word than bullying for further use I found it apt because the acts were quite reminiscent of how "bullies" played their way through something they wanted done.


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      They are basically treating their neighbors just like how they treat their citizens. Look at the recent conflict of Hong Kong against them. Tibet wanted Freedom from them and so does Xing Yang. I remember seeing posters in Hong Kong were they compare the mainland as Locust. The people there are unhappy but they cant say anything against their government.

      They were currently dealing with a Famine but they were using Funds on making conflicts with their neighbors instead of helping their people. Also the people there were so badly treated that the quality of food massed produce form them were harmful for the people.


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        Originally posted by Billy View Post
        JoshPosh I am not sure if you watch the Reality show Shark Tank, its a show where struggling entrepreneurs are making pitches to Multimillionaires and Billionaires to get investors and that show makes me realize how much dependent many businesses in the US to China. I had seen many participants on that show who said their product is manufactured in China so people will be able to afford buying their product. There are also many participants who wants investors so they can mass produce their Product in China.

        I rarely see a participant on that show who manufactures their product in local American soil or other countries. I see someone who decided to have her products manufactured in Uganda.

        It makes me wonder if African countries might be the next good source of cheap labor for mass producing. We all know many factories were built in China due to cheap labor. Vietnam also have potential because they have the cheapest currency.

        China is by far the cheapest way to go especially after Bill Clinton signed trade agreements that have open the flood gates to them. Everything is cheaply made in China and in other 3rd world countries. Yes I have seen that show that you have mentioned, but every one knows everything is made in China, and there is Government regulatory structure that controls workers fair treatment and environmental impact.

        There are other countries that could benefit from being a manufacturing nation for the west. Philippines is one of them. But then again, Both Governments have to come to terms and that will be hard to do considering the Philippines loves to collect money from Overseas Filipino Workers that pay a lot of taxes to work abroad and pay for entrance and exiting fees.

        The US has lost 1000s of factories because of cheap China goods. That needs to be stopped and the US has to start investing into its own people and stop giving it away to other people. or Nations.


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          Originally posted by JoshPosh View Post

          The difference here is that Japan and USA is conducting training for the Philippine military. They are doing these drills on Philippines soil and air space. China is in disputed sea and controlled lands. That is the difference. If any foreign power was to do those kinds of drill 100 nautical miles off the coast of the USA they would be asked to leave immediately or be blown out of the water. Any country that tries to get that close to our waters, it would signal an act of war.
          That means China does want war? As far as I know, the Chinese Government have been crossing the borders. It's just that it is not just easy to just blow those vessels and military equipment of china because it could lead to serious war.


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            Or they don't really want war, they use intimidation tactics and reverse Psychology and make those other countries believe they were very powerful and unstoppable despite of the fact they have problems with famine, poverty, terrorism, pollution,rebellion,corruption and this sleeping giant have a risk of a comma because their economy is starting to slowdown because many people are now trying to avoid made in China products. Starting a war is actually expensive. China also have some political problems like certain regions wanting to secede.