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​The South Sudan Crisis: 4 killed by explosions at UN compound

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  • [World/Regional Conflict] ​The South Sudan Crisis: 4 killed by explosions at UN compound

    Four people were killed on Tuesday when two mortar bombs exploded inside a U.N. compound in the town of Melut in South Sudan's Upper Nile state in the latest upsurge in the South Sudan Crisis. Amid the fighting, humanitarian aid groups have pulled out of the hot-spots leaving thousands of people in need. Read more at

    A further update on this forgotten crisis indicates that about 100,000 people taking refuge in U.N.-protected camps in South Sudan said to be trapped there by "staggering" violence in the north of the country, according to the UN. The fighting, which started last year and is said to have claimed the lives of more than 10,000 and displaced a staggering 1.5 million people, seems to have re-surged this week with rebels attacking the Northern State of Upper Nile. The crisis seems to have slipped off the radar due to large crises in Syria, Yemen and Ukraine. Follow at
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    How could they even sneak in two mortar bombs in there ? or did they just fling it in there.They better return to peace talks.As already suggested,there should be an international pressure on the South Sudanese parties so that they accept and implement a credible peace agreement


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      That crisis has been going on for forever. It's really hard because the world is already bombarded with so many problems, from natural disasters to epidemics to man-made wars. Wherever you turn to, everyone's fighting something. Rich countries have too many obligations as it is. I'm afraid they'll be passing the buck as to who among them should handle Sudan.


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        Civil war is capable of wiping out half of the population. If the UN is aware of this, a bold move should be undertaken in cooperation with world powers or countries with resources. The civil war in Sudan can be a prototype on how to completely quell civil wars. Start with the arrest of the tribal leaders.


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          Alexandoy I think you are right that they should arrest the tribal leaders. Unfortunately South Sudan is very unstable being a new country (its just 3 years old). The UN is aware as it has a 10,000 person peace building force stationed there. The peacekeepers can't stop the fighting because their mandate to not cover peace enforcement. Yesterday the UN reported that the fighting has forced thousands to flee their homes in recent days and some 650,000 civilians are without access to aid, according to the United Nations (U.N.) Humanitarian Coordinator for South Sudan. Read more