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Kenya: Terror in Rift Valley as bandits kill 50 people

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  • [World/Regional Conflict] Kenya: Terror in Rift Valley as bandits kill 50 people

    Fifty people have reportedly been killed in the latest episode of the Turkana - Pokot conflict in Northern Kenya. The killings occurred at Nadome and Kasarani following an attack by raiders and subsequent retaliatory attacks. It is the same region where 21 Administration Police officers were killed last year by Pokot raiders. Baringo County Commissioner Peter Okwanyo said he could not confirm the exact number of deaths because officers were on their way to Nadome and Kasarani where the killings took place. The incident is just one of the many reported in the area since January with the tribes fighting over cattle rustling. Follow at YouTube video at

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    How can they always apply the same old methods and expect different results?.As long as I can recall so many ultimatums have been issued in the past for guns to be surrendered but the bandits have always had their way - massacring and killing many in the name of cattle rustling. A clear case of lack of strategy?


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      Yeah, bandits are not going to give up their weapons. The most they might do is give up a few for show but then obtain more and continue doing what they want. The root of the issue is not being addressed by continuing the same practices in the hopes that one of these times it's going to be effective.


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        I think that is the bigger problem - that the root causes of the issue are not being addressed. Disarming the pastoralists may not work because they will still acquire new weapons. There is a need to address the cattle rustling mindset, map out County boundaries properly and address the political dimension. Unless this is done the attacks are likely yo recur in future.