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Ukraine, rebels miss deadline to pull back heavy weapons from front.

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  • [World/Regional Conflict] Ukraine, rebels miss deadline to pull back heavy weapons from front.

    A cease-fire agreement has already been negotiated, but it seems that the two warring sides don't want to pull out their heavy weaponry for fear that the other side might attack them after they have withdrawn their weapons. Both sides would only begin the pull out after the other party does so. If that is the case, I don't think the cease-fire agreement will be fully implemented.

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    That is what happens in the middle east too, a cease fire is agreed, but to be honest no one believes it will last much. To me it's still something strange, how can a cease fire be agreed when the "rebels" are still occupying part of Ukraine?!


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      Here are links to articles on this conflict I got from Vocativ News. There are violations to the cease fire agreement and there are a lot of separatist running around creating havoc. Many believe that Russia is behind the separatist groups that are reeking havoc on the Ukrainian villages and cities creating more problems in this conflict.

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      Surrounded Ukrainian Troops Beg For Help On VKontakte

      YouTube Video “Proves” Russian Army Is Behind Separatists In Ukraine


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        Both parties have something important they want to fight for - regardless of the moral aspect - that's why no one's going to honor the ceasefire agreement anytime soon. Besides, if you look hard on it, they didn't enter the agreement willingly. It was drafted by other countries like France and Germany who are fed up with the war brewing between Ukraine and Russian-backed rebels.


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          I wonder how the Ukranians reacted when they heard that Putin had already planned the annexation several days earlier than previously mentioned. I'm pretty sure the pro-Russian rebels will be the first to know.