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221 Women and Girls Raped by Sudanese Army Soldiers

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  • [World/Regional Conflict] 221 Women and Girls Raped by Sudanese Army Soldiers

    This is a really sad story I just found.

    Aparently the Sudanese Army attacked Darfur and for 36 hours held it raping their women and girls.

    Originally posted by NPR
    "The deliberate attack on Tabit and the mass rape of the town's women and girls is a new low in the catalog of atrocities in Darfur," Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch, said in a press release. "The Sudanese government should stop the denials and immediately give peacekeepers and international investigators access to Tabit."

    Human Rights Watch Documents Mass Rapes In Darfur
    This will prompt a download of the report in PDF format.
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    This is so sick and horrible to say the least. I honestly don't understand why women and girls have to be victimized by such senseless violence.Shame on President Bashir,he should be removed from power as soon as possible,and each of these soldiers need to be castrated and hanged in public or be given a punishment befitting for what they have done.


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      So the foreign minister denies that the incident never happened? I guess he doesn't know that it only takes one of the victims to prove if the whole story is true or a lie. Its hard to believe that the a whole village will make up a story like that. Once they deny entry to international investigators, that alone is a hint of their guilt.


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        The government and the public officers who swore to protect Sudan are turning against their own people. You see a chess game where your enemies are actually masquerading as allies. The Sudan government should be dissolved and those responsible for such heinous crimes, including the irresponsible president, should be punished.


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          This is very disturbing, but I'm not really surprised. This is common in many armies, especially certain armies which includes the Sudanese one. It just makes you appreciate not living in a war zone even more when things like this are brought to light.


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            Shameful and inhuman. What is wrong with them? I've heard horror stories coming out of Darfur for a long time now. Why isn't anything ever done? I don't know as much about it as I probably should, but I have a weak stomach (or heart) when it comes to human atrocities. I can't stand the thought of all those poor girls and woman being subjected to this.


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              I found this article written today by CNN.

              During war, women and children suffer the most. I don't know what is happening with this but it seems that Sudanese government is trying to deny the allegations. Although I think the numbers are high and such, I do believe it is possible that it happened. If any of the women or girls come out of it pregnant, that would be proof enough of the story.
              Human Rights Watch says Sudanese soldiers have raped more than 200 women and girls in a Darfur town, a claim that Sudan's government denies.