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Avoiding Road Rage

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  • Avoiding Road Rage

    I think road rage is increasingly becoming one of the major problems in our roads nowadays. There are just too many angry drivers out there who could just explode with one blink of an eye. My dad is one of them most of the time. His temper is just so short especially when it comes to being on the road. Just recently, I saw a news story on our local area about free anger management classes for drivers. I think it's actually a good move by the transportation department of our government to prevent violence and crime on our roads.

    Are there measures being done in your area to prevent road rage? What do you think is an effective way of preventing conflicts on the road?

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    I don't know of any measures being done in my area and ironically as a result we have one of the highest accident death rates in the world. The problem is that there is very little you can do to stop another person and yourself from becoming angry. Drivers make mistakes and those mistakes reverberate as either intentional or "stupidity" when viewed by the eyes of other drivers and as a result they become angry at that person.

    I recently watched a horrible YouTube video that showed a white man driving a car and intentionally knocking a black pizza delivery bike rider off his bike in a fit of racially motivated rage. He cursed racial slurs and was angry because the pizza delivery man couldn't get his bike going at the stop street. If you consider this instance, ask yourself how could it have possibly been avoided?

    There is very little we can do other than teach ourselves and those around us self-control. I doubt many people, especially stressed businessmen/women have the time to go to anger management classes, but if they do help a minority of people, then it is still progress.