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Boeing Passenger Jet crashes in Russia.

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  • Boeing Passenger Jet crashes in Russia.

    A FlyDubai passenger jet with 59 people has crashed in Russia, killing everyone on board the plane. The Boeing 737 passenger plane was trying to land in hazardous conditions, and apparently missed the runway and crashed, according to reports.
    There is not mch more information at this point because the news is still coming in about the crash; but here is the first report about it.
    Some reports are saying that there could have been up to 100 people on the plane; but that part has not been verified as of this time.
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    What a shame, my condolences go out to the families of the deceased. I really wouldn't expect this from a well-established firm such as FlyDubai, those pilots must have made a serious mistake, either that or there is more to the story. I hope that they can recover some sort of evidence or blackbox and find out what actually happened. I hope this doesn't happen again or FlyDubai will be in serious trouble.


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      It is now being reported that this may have possibly been something else besides just a plane crash due to bad weather.
      Apparently, there was an American CIA agent on board the plane, as well as millions of dollars in cash. Whether this turns out to be true or not , will have to be determined. the report statess that the US government will also be helping with the crash report information. If this is simply a plane that crashed in bad visibility, then there should not need to be a large investigation; but if it does concern the CIA and millionss of dollars, then that would definitely need to be investigated a lot more deeply to see if there was more involved here than jut an accidental crash landing.


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        Whenever I hear news like this, I couldn't help but really feel for victims and families. I also saw this on the news the other night and the sight of the debris all scattered on the ground shows just how strong the impact of the crash was. Investigators have already recovered the black box and hopefully we'll be hearing some answers on what really happened that fateful day. Whether it be from nature's fury or from something else that could be related to the presence of the CIA agent, I hope the answers would soon be revealed especially for the family members and loved-ones who are now mourning over their loss.

        Here's a link I found:


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          In another interesting update today, they have now announced that the plane's flight recorders are both badly damaged, and virtually undecipherable. It was earlier reported that they had recovered the black boxes and that they were in normal condition.
          It would seem strange to me that the boxes would have been so badly damaged just from a landing crash. We have seen instances of crashes that were from a much higher altitude, and the black boxes were recovered, and they were able to use them to help determine what happened.
          Here, we have a plane that was trying to land, and almost on the ground when it crashed; yet you can see from the pictures that it had totally blown apart into shreds everywhere.
          Apparently, terrorism has not yet been ruled out in this crash.