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3 Dead, Dozens Injured in Massive Pile Up.

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  • 3 Dead, Dozens Injured in Massive Pile Up.

    Yikes! A massive pile-up in Pennsylvania resulted in at least three dead and dozens hurt. The picture above shows some of the wreckage. Details on this breaking story may be read here.
    "Success is survival." ~ Leonard Cohen

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    Yes, it was bad that day here... and made even worse knowing that there were friends and family members who could have very well been traveling on I78 during that time period.

    I first started seeing reports from local news agencies and friends on social media and it just kept getting worse. One by one, fortunately, I found out that everyone was alright.

    We have more of the same coming for tonight and into tomorrow (well, snow and ice, not necessarily squalls like we had that day) so I hope the roads are kept as clear as possible. Black ice causes these things, too, and we always have that with weather like this.


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      The accident left not just three dead people, but also three in critical condition, three with moderate to severe injuries and four with minor injuries. I hope these patients recover from their injuries and have therapy for the trauma they encountered as well. As always, care should be taken when driving in weather conditions like this. No matter how skilled of a driver you are, when your enemy is the wind and the snow, you aren't going to win. Life is very precious and we should treat it as is. And when you're driving for other people, you also need to take into consideration the lives that depend on you.


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        Hearing the reports and just looking at the pictures, it's a miracle that more people than that weren't killed and injured, and while whenever something like this happens it's a tragedy, it could certainly of been a lot worse.

        When something like this happens, while I understand that with any accident it needs to be looked into, I'm not sure if finding somebody or something to blame in a lot of cases is the right thing to do.