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I think I now know the reason why we still dont have flying cars

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  • I think I now know the reason why we still dont have flying cars

    If you will watch old scifi movies from the 1970's to 1980's, they always visualize the year 2000 as a time where cars can fly. In the movie Back to the Future 2, they visualized the year 2015 as a year were flying cars are the norm. We are living in the rural year 2015 and there are still no flying cars on the market. I remember somewhere in the 90's an episode of Ripley's believe it or not™ showed a fkyng car is invented the 90's. I think recently last year there is a car expo that shows w working prototype as well. Many models of flying cars got modelled every year yet they were still not manufactured. I think it I'd a blessing that flying cars were not legalized. To become a pilot of an Airplane, out will have to take a 4 year course. Because the training to become a pilot is really meticulous and with that there are less accidents with airplanes than with land transportations. Everyday many people are dying because of a car accidents and many people are arrested because of DUI. If flying cars got mass produced and legalized , people on high rise buildings will have to worry about the potential accident of a car hitting their house. Flying cars maybe a cool SciFi fantasy but it doesn't belong to the society. It is a potential danger. Working pro types may had already been invented but for now it should not be mass produce.

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    The last one I saw was in Harry Potter movie. Even though it was really amazing, it looks strange to me. A car is not at all designed to fly with that bulky body and large tyres. But you can see a flight is designed for that. Even if we think of flying cars, we should change their structure in a more aerodynamic way.

    I don't think that will come in near future as it has no relevance. Yes, one possible advantage could be reduction in the cases of traffic jams. But for that we should consider ideas like making public transport more popular, building more fly overs etc.


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      Good call.
      I have been saying this for a few years now.
      It's not that we can't mass produce an affordable flying car, of course we can we have the technology.
      People have hard enough time trying to operate vehicles on the ground, imagine the chaos if we let them loose on the skies!