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Freaking twin train accidents took lives of more than 30 people in India

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  • Freaking twin train accidents took lives of more than 30 people in India

    Three days ago in two train accidents, more than 30 people died in India. It happened in Madhya Pradesh a State of india. First ill fated train was Kamayaani express which was going to Varanaasi, derailed and fell into the river at 11.20 pm. Most of the people were sleeping that time and could not even know what has happened. After about 15 minutes another train (Janatha Express) also met with the same fate at the same place. Authorities are still investigating about the possible cause of these accidents. Death toll has already reached to 30+and it can go up further. Train accidents are becoming very common in India nowadays.

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    Something I notice about trains in India is over capacity. They accept passengers more then they can handle. A train ride in India is something claustrophobic person will not went to experience. I think the trains are taking too much passengers.

    Many people prefers trains over buses because they were faster compared to buses and they were more convenient. I really hope that the operator of this service will give financial help to all the injured victims.
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      Yes, definitely. Indian Government will give some financial assistance to the members of deceased persons. But to what extent and that is a question. I think whatever financial help they get will not be enough to cover the void created in their families. I think Government authorities should prepare concrete plans to avoid occurrence of any such incidents in future.

      What is more surprising to me is the fact that these two accidents happened at the same place within a time gap of only 15 minutes. In this modern era of technological advancement, don't you think that there should be something in place to report accidents as and when it happens. In this case the second accident could have been avoided here.