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How safe are the school buses in your area?

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    Luckily, where I am from, the accident rates on school buses aren't too worrying. However, accidents do sometimes happen, yet there is no law to state that seatbelts need to be worn on buses in my country. In fact, a lot of the buses don't have them at all. I think that putting them on all buses, and making children legally obliged to wear them, would be a great step - and would lead to survival rates being higher on the rare occasions that accidents do occur. It is certainly something that needs to be thought about, before more innocent lives are lost.


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      Originally posted by dillinger10 View Post

      Excellent points, bala I have read these same concerns in a number of research studies also. The potential for children panicking at being unable to escape from their seatbelts is high on the list of external concerns.

      This letter from a school bus driver also hits on the point you raise about the impracticability for drivers ensuring that young children remain buckled up for the duration of the ride or even the ability to unbuckle them in the case of a fire.

      These studies have been taking place since the mid-1980s and almost all of them have reached the same conclusion, seatbelts on school buses do not increase safety and can potentially increase exit time in emergencies, thereby increasing the possibility of higher accident and mortality rates.
      Thanks dillinger.
      I read a few research journals from wiley{dot] com and research star.
      Those authors had done extensive study and had finally arrived on it.I had just put it across in a concise form for you all to read through


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        Here in Italy it's all fine from what I know. The safety of the buses relates sometimes to what kind of people come to take a ride. It's not really rare that some drunk fool come on the bus and start screaming and yelling but that I wouldn't say it's a matter of safety. I am not aware of other possible accidents .


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          Yes, i agree on the point that putting seat belts for each and every child is not a viable option. There are so many incidents where the driver lost control of the vehicle and it fell into the river. If all kids are on seat belt, chances of saving anybody will be very remote. All kids will be drowned to death within no time.

          I think that might be the reason why Government is not insisting on seat belts in public transports.
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