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At least 21 people killed in boat crash on the Nile River.

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  • At least 21 people killed in boat crash on the Nile River.

    An engaged couple had rented a party boat to celebrate their upcoming wedding, and the boatload of partygoers were out on the Nile River when a cargo boat crashed into the rented party boat.
    The small boat collapsed and sank. Several people were rescued, some are known to be dead, and there are still several people that have not been found, including two children.

    The boat was pulled out of the water, and relatives are standing close to the river in the hopes of more people being found.
    The captain of the cargo boat has been arrested; so the collision was apparently his fault.
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    That is so tragic and sad. Such a happy event to be turned into such a horrid event. My thoughts and prayers are with all those families who were affected by this awful event. It will be interesting to see what was the cause of the collision and what the captain did to be charged. I will be following up on this event.


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      It is sad to see a couple who are about to get married and start a family to be ended by a tragedy. This is like a romantic love story with a tragic ending but this time around it is real life. I feels bad for their families who lost them be cause of the negligence of a Captain. Life is so unpredictable, you will never know when will it be taken away from you. Who would have thought that an engagement party between people who are in love will end up on a sad note.


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        The death toll has increased over the last 24 hours and now stands at 35. As rescue efforts are ongoing, can we assume that there were still more people on board that have not yet been accounted for? In all of the articles that I have read so far, none have made mention of the exact number of people on board. I believe when this story first broke, there were reports of 15 dead and 6 missing, we know that number is certainly incorrect given that there have been 35 confirmed fatalities so far.

        According to this report in The Cairo Post, the boat was overloaded and sailed without a license. Compounding matters further are reports that these types of boats are not permitted to sail at night and there were also eyewitness accounts of the driver failing to have lights on, which caused him to hit the boat.

        More can be read here.


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          I would assume there are more bodies to be found because the search is still on. They never gave an exact number count which is surprising. They should know by now how many people were aboard. Either way, that is a lot of people on one boat. I am sure there will be much more details to come from this tragedy.