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Eastland Disaster Photos Uncovered

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  • Eastland Disaster Photos Uncovered

    Interesting recent discovery of Eastland disaster photos. I am fascinated with one of the most infamous disasters in history: The Sinking of The Titanic. These images of the Eastland disaster are interesting to me because it gives a glimpse into how the actual last moments of the titanic may have looked. What do you think?

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    Wow! Those pictures look like they are from some movie! Where did they find those? And why so late?


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      Originally posted by calicer1996 View Post
      Where did they find those? And why so late?
      The accompanying text in the article provides the backstory on how these photographs came to see the light of day. The whole article makes for fascinating reading. The pertinent text regarding how the photographs were found is quoted below:

      The images from the Tribune archives were found inside two cardboard boxes in the newspaper's dimly lit, temperature-controlled basement archives five floors below Michigan Avenue in Tribune Tower. Marianne Mather, a photo editor at the Tribune, discovered the Eastland images in December as she searched for other images for the paper's Sunday Flashback feature.

      The negatives were among the photography collection amid boxes stacked seven high on metal shelves in a corner of the basement room that also contains paper copies of the Tribune, dating back more than 100 years, and also old copies of the now-defunct Chicago American, Chicago Herald and Examiner and Chicago Today newspapers. Inside the boxes, Mather found 95 glass-plate negatives with photos of the Eastland rescue and the immediate aftermath of the disaster. About half of the negatives are 4-by-5 inches, the others 4-by-6.