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Philippines: 2 dead in Batangas chopper crash

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  • Philippines: 2 dead in Batangas chopper crash

    Two people are confirmed dead and six people are injured after a private helicopter crashed in Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Batangas in the Philippines. The six injured people were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

    Authorities are investigating and looking into the possibility of weather disturbances as the primary cause of the crash. It was raining that afternoon and it was foggy when the accident happened. There was a storm in the country at the time of the incident named 'Egay'.


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    One of the people who died was the owner of a Hostel chain called Victoria Court. The typhoon has been affecting most parts of Luzon so the possibility of the weather disturbance affecting the flight of the helicopter is big. There have been many cases of helicopter crashes in the Philippines due to bad weather conditions especially in the presence of fog.


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      People travelling should really be careful especially during rainy season as it is dangerous because the winds and rain obstruct your view of the way. The authorities should restrict the use of vehicles like these when a storm is in the way. And of course, the citizens should also be vigilant at weather conditions like this.


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        Maybe it was affected by the rain. Typhoon Egay is kinda strong that it can cause a malfunction on the chopper. Even the winds are so strong so I do believe it is caused by the typhoon. Rest in peace for the victims!