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Indonesia military plane crash kills at least 30

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  • Indonesia military plane crash kills at least 30

    I just received this breaking news alert. At least thirty people have been killed after a military cargo plane crashed into a hotel, massage parlor and houses in a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan.

    The plane was on its way from an air force base in Medan to the remote Natuna islands when it crashed just a few minutes after takeoff. The BBC reports that there were at least 12 crew members on board the plane. he number of passengers on board as yet remains unknown.

    Large crowds have gathered at the crash site and many have taken to social media to post photos and video of the aftermath. RT News has also posted two videos of the incident. The images of the destruction are quite startling to see.

    Al-Jazeera correspondent Stephanie Dekker tweeted that the pilots had asked to return to base after take-off as something was wrong with the plane. After the plane turned around, it crashed, Dekker said. The plane was heading to the remote Natuna Islands, military spokesman Fuad Basya told Reuters.
    Additional reports on this latest breaking news can be read here and here

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    The Indonesian Red Cross has confirmed that the official death toll has increased to 86 people but the rescue and recovery operations are ongoing and the number is expected to rise.

    The Hindu reports that there are fears that the number will increase to at least 113 people as there were 101 passengers and 12 military crew members on board when it crashed. NBC News is also confirming that the death toll stands at 113.

    It is still not yet known what caused the crash. The CNN report referenced earlier confirmed, citing Antara, Indonesia's national news agency, that the plane hit a busy road that connects Medan with the highland tourist resort of Brastagi. Lets hope that no one on the ground was injured in the crash.


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      I just wanted to provide a brief update tonight. As of right now, military officials have confirmed that at least 141 bodies have been found so far. It is believed that all 122 people on board the plane have died while 19 others were killed on the ground.

      Quite honestly, given the fact that the plane crashed into a residential area, I was fearing that more people on the ground would have been killed. Fortunately, it appears the two main buildings that were hit were empty at the time.

      It is also being reported that the pilot radioed in after two minutes confirming that there was a technical issue with the plane. He attempted to turn back around but at that point the plane went down over Medan.


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        A few new revelations came to light today. The death toll has now increased to 141 people. The search for more bodies has ended and an investigation has been launched to find out whether the plane violated rules by carrying non-military passengers who paid for their flights.

        According to ABC News hitching rides on military planes to reach remote destinations is a regular occurrence in Indonesia. Family members of those that were killed on the plane claim that their relatives had paid bribes (upwards of $90) to be dropped off on an island that was not served by commercial flights.

        In light of these reports, the Indonesian air force did come out today to deny such claims. If these claims do prove to be true, this may help to explain why there was such confusion about the exact number of people on board. Initially, the military reported that there were 12 crew members on board with no mention of any passengers.


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          According to the Indonesian air force chief, one of the four propellers was not functioning correctly, causing it to crash just minutes after takeoff. From everything that I have read so far, even though the other three engines were still functional, it would have been almost impossible to control the plane as the problem occurred within minutes of take off.

          The official death toll has also been raised to 143 people - 121 people on the plane were killed, as well as 21 people on the ground. The New York Times says that it is still possible that the numbers could be revised once forensic teams have finished identifying the bodies recovered from the crash site.