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Space X Cargo Rocket Explodes

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  • Space X Cargo Rocket Explodes

    Luckily the ship was unmanned but the supplies were destroyed that were being sent to the astronauts on the International Space Station. Officials assure that they astronauts still have enough supplies to last and NASA and Space X are working together to find out what happened as well as get another rocket up with supplies.

    I saw the video of the launch and from what I could tell there seem to be some sort of fuel leak but I am not sure. It is a good thing it was unmanned. According to the article they were trying to bring it back when it exploded. They lost communication with the rocket for unknown reasons.
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    Although there were no people on board the rocket when it exploded, this is still a serious event.
    There have been a number of problems getting supplies to the International Space Station in the last few month, and this one seems to have put another transportation on hold for some time.

    Last October (or thereabouts) , one of the NASA rockets exploded after take-off and didn't get there with supplies. Next, the Russians tried to send another shipment, and their rocket didn't make it either.
    Now , the Dragon Space-X rocket has exploded with yet another load of supplies for the Space Station.
    They apparently still have supplies for a while longer; but no one left to deliver the supplies, at least at this point.

    Recently, some kind of a malfunction also knocked the ISS out of its usual orbit, and I have not seen any news articles about whether they were able to get it back into the regular orbit , or if they are even trying. One of the thrusters was accidently turned on (or something like that), and it pushed the ISS out of the regular orbit before it was turned back off, according to the reports.
    I don't know just how far out of orbit that the Space Station has gone; but that could maybe be a problem for them to get supplies to the crew as well.

    Apparently, they do have some sort of an escape vehicle, should the problems not be solved, and the crew has to get back to the earth.
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      While space is cool and all, I feel like this is a wake up call that we are not meant to be anywhere else besides on earth during out lifetime. I don't know much about SpaceX except that they are a newer company. Now that pretty much everyone has tried to get supplies up and failed, maybe they will start re evaluating how we are spending our money. With so many issues and poverty going on down here, why is up there so important!


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        That's three Space X delivery rockets that failed recently. Honestly it's all a bit embarrassing for the US. Exploding rockets, people stuck up in the space station, and nobody can come or go without hitching a ride with Russia. Because it's not like there are any problems with US/Russia relations right now, eh?

        Maybe it's time to give NASA back some funding.


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          DancingLady SpaceX is a civilian space program owned by Elon Musk. He is also the owner of Tesla Cars and was the original founder of Paypal. He also is apart of Solar City and Zip2. NASA's funding had been cut drastically over the years so very little of our tax dollars are going to them now.

          Space exploration is important because we need to be able to avert issues such as space debris (comets, meteors, etc). There are also resources that can be found on other planets that we are in need of such as water.
          Where there is an beginning, there is an end.
          Where there is an end, there is a new beginning.