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One Person Dead After Boat Goes Over Dam

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  • One Person Dead After Boat Goes Over Dam

    One man has been reported dead and eight were hospitalized after their boat was swept over the Maryland dam. When rescuers arrived at the scene after receiving reports that people were in the water, they saw the people clinging on to the dam. Some were found clinging on to the rocks while some were rescued by helicopter. There's still no update as to the current conditions of the eight people who were rescued. Officials suspected that the heavy rains could have caused the overflow of the dam pushing the boat over it.

    Here's a link to the report by CNN:

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    My first question is how did the boat reach that point? My second question is what are the people doing in that boat? Over here, dams have rangers who monitor the area and any boat without permit is considered an intruder which is tantamount to a crime. And especially when it is raining, taking the boat in the dam is definitely a risk. Sorry if I didn't click on the link.


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      I was also wondering about the same thing because it wasn't stated on the report why they were there in the first place. The authorities are still investigating on the case so hopefully answers would come out soon. There were 9 of them so it's also puzzling as to what they were doing there and why they were there on a rainy day.