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Nine killed in floatplane crash in Alaska.

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  • Nine killed in floatplane crash in Alaska.

    A sightseeing plane has crashed against a granite rock cliff in Alaska; killing all of the people on board. The flights are a regular tourist attraction, and cost a little over $200 for the flight in a float-plane around the area.
    The passengers who were killed were part of a cruise ship tour, and had taken the special flight while the cruise ship was docked at Ketchikan. Due to the bad weather, they have not been able to retrieve the bodies of the passengers; however, the families are being notified.
    It is not known what caused the plane to crash, and that is still being investigated.

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    That's really sad, especially when this is not common and you never know that this would happen to you. I think that this could of been prevented by not actually going into a bad weather, I pray for the families that they would be comforted and find peace in God.


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      They just released the names of the nine passengers that were killed in the crash. They still have yet to determine why the plane crashed.
      Authorities have tentatively identified all nine bodies from a sightseeing plane that crashed into a cliff in southeast Alaska.
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