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The Toronto-Lisbon Crash of 2001

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  • The Toronto-Lisbon Crash of 2001

    Do you remember the Toronto-Lisbon flight that crash-landed in the Azores in 2001 after running out of fuel? Many of us might not remember it anymore but the surviving passengers could still vividly recall the incident. The Air Transat Flight 236 which was bound for Lisbon from Toronto on August 24, 2001 crash-landed in the Azores after gliding without power over the Atlantic Ocean for 30 minutes. Some of the 306 passengers who survived have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the accident.

    14 years after the accident, the survivors of the crash are now helping researchers understand PTSD more. They could still clearly recall the details of the event even after more than a decade. Itís as if it just happened yesterday although a lot of time has already passed.

    They agreed to be part of the study to be able to help others recover from PTSD with their experience.

    Hereís an article on the story:

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