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New Theory on Missing MH370 Plane

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    What makes many still shocked is the fact that it changed its course before crashing which means that there was an initial plan before its disappearance. I think that investigations are still underway to determine whether some people who were not in the plane contributed to its disappearance. It can also be an act of domestic terrorism if the pilots were involved or one pilot was involved. Others claim that aliens might have been involved since we've experienced an increase in alien activities nowadays. But who might have wanted to kill the people who were in the plane, or it was as a result of sabotage to affect Malaysian Airline's reputation? Until they find the black box, we'll still be speculating.
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      Here's the latest article I can find about the missing MH370 plane. The authorities searched a 60,000 square km area of the Indian ocean already. This area is a calculated area of where the plane might have gone after losing fuel. The search will continue on until June and if at that time the plane still is not found, then the authorities will have to give theories to what might have happened. Then the possibility of the "rogue pilot" will be examined at that time.
      The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane continues to be governed by the theory there was no control input in use for the last portion of the flight


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        The mystery of the disappearance of this airplane is still a puzzle to me up until now. Authorities cannot point out a specific reason and it's still hard to find the missing parts or the whole airplane itself. It really doesn't surprise me too if some people are trying to insert the theory of alien abduction when it comes to this because of the unsolved mystery behind its disappearance. It's just so sad for the family members who have been waiting for clues but are still being diverted here and there in search for the truth to what really happened.


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          As with anything, people are always going to have their own opinions on what's gone on, but they surely have to be able to back it up with something that's at least slightly credible.

          There's too many conspiracy theorists around these days, claming all sorts but we have to remember while it's ok for them to come out with these wild and wonderful statements, people have lost loved ones in that disaster so they should be treated with a little more respect, in my opinion.
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