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Sleeping Pills and Road Accidents

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  • Sleeping Pills and Road Accidents

    Some people use sleeping pills to help them beat their sleep problems but there's a research showing the relationship between sleeping pills and road accidents. A recent research on the connection of sleeping pills use with car crashes revealed that the risk of experiencing a car crash doubles with drivers using the said pills. The study shows that high levels of sleeping pills can stay in the blood stream for a longer time up until a person drives in the morning which increases the risk of vehicular accidents. These drugs also make a person slower to react in complex driving situations. Here is a link to the article from an NBC health news report:

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    I am an insomniac but I managed to be able to sleep by determination alone. I am too scared to use drugs. Now this article gives me more reason to avoid sleeping pills. What helped me defeat my sleeping problebms ere chamomile tea, acupuncture and working out. I tried sleeping pills once and I felt dehydrated like I didn't drink water for a longtime and I felt irritable the moment I woke up. I didn't feel comfortable the moment I woke up after sleeping with these pills. This research doesn't sound shocking to me at all. If driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous, driving under the influence of drugs is worst.
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      Thank you for sharing your experience because I never really knew how a person feels after waking up from the pills. I do believe that there are safer ways like the things you mentioned to manage insomnia other than sleeping pills. Imagine how many road accidents happened due to sleepiness on the road. My friend's mother and brother died at the same time due to a car accident years back. Their mother insisted on driving even when she was sleepy. She wasn't taking sleeping pills but what happened to her was an example of what could happen when a driver is feeling sleepy on the road. A person taking these pills can experience the same and can lead to fatal accidents when on the road.

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    Even recently i read an article to how car crash risk doubles up for new users of sleeping pills.That risk continued for up to a year among regular users, according to the study.We can now imagine the risk quotient involved with sleeping pills.
    Of course it ain't baffle,because its well known,but this further ascertains it.

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      Another worst thing about those Pills, I am very grumpy and irritable when I am taking pills. I get angry too easily and it leads to me alienating my close friends and family. I was not being my self when I wake up with pills. I will only take medication if its a life and death situation. I wont die with insomnia and I can control it without medication. I also stopped because of the stories of people who got addicted.


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        Too much of anything is dangerous. Sleeping pills can also have adverse psychological effects on people. Not only sleeping pills, but some cough syrups can also make you sleepy. It would be mentioned on their packet that it is dangerous to use them during driving. Sometimes in driving there can be situations which need our quick reaction. These medicines reduce our ability to react quickly and that causes fatal accidents.


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          I've heard about how sleeping pills can remain in your system for an extended period of time and it's pretty scary to consider what would happen if you're not careful with them. On the other side of the coin, sleeping pills can also cause a really bad addiction so I don't think people are safe trying to use them, even if they're in dire need of a way to make them sleep.


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            Even in moderation I will never try sleeping pills because of its negative effects on me, I don't want t be dependent on piles in able for me to sleep. Knowing all the side effects I will never do it. I drive on my own so I don't think it is something I want to use to cure m insomnia I know someone who is so dependent on sleeping pills and that person always gets sleepy on the wrong time and this person can't sleep when he really needs to. I will never resort to using narcotics if I don't need them.
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