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Do you believe that prohibition of liquor can save the society?

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  • Do you believe that prohibition of liquor can save the society?

    Government of Kerala has ordered a complete ban on sale of hard liquor items (excluding wine and beer) in private hotels and bars. But they are available on Government owned retail shops. They also made it clear that the sale form Government retails shops will further be cut down by 10% every year. But do you actually believe that such an act from Government can improve the situation?

    In Kerala what is happening now is the increased use of drugs among students which has become uncontrollable in the State. Drug mafia focus on school and college students as their easy prey. There has been a substantial increase in drug users in recent times.

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    Banning alcohol will just start making things worst than it already is because a black market that earns money without taxes will be born. Also alcohol his not as bad as people say, in moderation drinking alcoholic drinks actually have some nice feats. Many alcohol based beverages actually have some health benefits if you drink them in moderation and if you are disciplined enough to know your limitations nothing bad will happen. People just needed to be educated to have discipline instead of depriving them.


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      Though alcohol does cause a ton of social ills in many societies, Prohibition hasn't been particularly successful in western countries. All of them that tried, including these a'here United States, had to abandon the social experiment. I know there are some societies that are largely booze-free, but they normally have strong religious or cultural reasons why it is not used.
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        Yes, we are experiencing its bad after effects now. Parents here are much worried about their children in schools and colleges as every day they see news of more and more youth becoming prey to drug mafia. These are mafias are very innovative in trying new methods to carry out their business. Recently one drug addict died due to high dosage. He used to take snake bite as a medium.

        I think the alarming rise in road accidents also has some linkage to growing drug addiction here. This can only be controlled by a joint efforts of parents, teachers and society as a whole. There are incidents of students seen using some medicines for drug effects which has serious health concerns..


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          This is the reason why I don't believe prohibition of alcohol will fix the society:

          South Korea have a very low crime rate and the people there drinks a lot alcohol everyday. They needed alcohol to feel warmth in very torturous winters. Its a country were people are drinking a lot of Soju ,makjeolli and fruit wines almost everyday and they have a very long lifespan and their crime rate is very low. So yes people can drink alcohol and not get violent nor do road races with their cars. People are demonizing alcohol too much when it is jot the cause of the problem. If people are disciplined, they wont become train wrecks that causes havok and chaos. You can drink alcohol without putting people in danger. Its all about discipline.


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            America tried that before. What happened was it cut down the amount of drinking by very small amounts (or not at all depending who you ask) and the market was satisfied by criminal organizations. This caused an increase in crime, and other illegal activities which the criminals funded with profits from the booze trade.


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              Perhaps drugs but liquor... I don't really think so. There are so many reasons why people commit crimes. A lot of them were triggered by drug use. Others were more psychological and personal in nature. In certain cases, crimes occur accidentally, beyond either party's notice.


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                I'd also have to say that this is not the right approach. It just enables the black market for alcohol to operate. There should be stricter regulations and rules about alcohol consumption. And maybe, education about alcohol as well. In moderate amounts, alcohol can be beneficial. It's when people drink it too much that negative things happen.

                I'd say that alcohol or drugs even are not substances to be taken lightly. But if we keep restricting people, they'll just find more ways to buy them even if it's illegal already.


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                  Yes, those measures can help in reducing the consumption of liquor. I have always dreamt of living in an alcohol free world. Nowadays most people get drank in the morning, which makes me wonder about our social values. This has resulted to stalling projects where drank owners have failed to manage them. There are billions of dollars worth of sales yearly which shows how much money is lost on taking alcohol. A productive nation requires sober citizens for it to develop.