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Nepalese boy slain in human sacrifice

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  • Nepalese boy slain in human sacrifice

    A 10 year old boy was killed in human sacrifice, the man who killed him said that it was a human sacrifice in order to save his ailing son. The body of the boy was found in July 25 on the outskirts of Kudiva village in southwest Nepal.


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    I can't believe that in this modern day and age, some people are still performing human sacrifices, he just made the situation much more worst for his son. How can he take care of his ailing son if he is in jail. If his son will recover, he will be ridiculed and bullied by the society because he have a child murderer as a father. I know this man did this out of desperation but this is not going to solve his problems. He created s big problem instead and killing someone's life not only ruins his life it the life of his victim's family.


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      This is tragic, but I can believe it happened, even in modern times. For one thing, many modern people fail to realize that the spirit world is indeed real and these "holy" men do seem to have power. Those in these religions are deceived into believing that the holy man controls these powers, when in fact these powers are demonic and those who are practicing these things are under the spirits control.


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        It is sad to think that things like this are going on in this day and age. This is very tragic. The man was desperate but only made the situation far worse then it already was. May the poor young man RIP.


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          I think it happened because of desperation. When a person is desperate, they will forget what is the difference between right or wrong. There could have been other options he could go for. You know like asking the government for help or asking a TV show for help because media exposure actually helps in fund raising, I remember there is a man who asked donations on TV so his son can have surgery in Taiwan because its the only country that has the technology. There are so many options for him to save his child and human sacrifice is not it.


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            This is what happens to communities devoid of education and proper exposure to the present way of life. Highly superstitious cultures are responsible for numerous senseless deaths. I remember not so long ago when an Incan girl's mummy was unearthed from layers of ice. She was offered by her town as a virgin sacrifice so that the gods would be appeased. Intervention is necessary so that these cultures could evolve and change with the times.