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Baby Dead After Dad Jumped Off Bridge With Him

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  • Baby Dead After Dad Jumped Off Bridge With Him

    A 7-month-old baby named Aaden Moreno is now feared to be dead after his 22-year-old father Tony Moreno jumped from a Middletown, Connecticut bridge carrying him along. The father lived while the baby is already feared dead but the body has not yet been found.

    A relative of the family called authorities informing them that Tony was about to commit suicide on the Arrigoni Bridge. When the police arrived at the scene, they only saw the older Moreno but no baby was found. Witnesses said however that the man was holding a baby before he jumped from the bridge.

    Records show that the mother of the baby has already filed a restraining order for the father of the child because she feared for her and her baby’s life. Her husband has been threatening her so she filed the restraining complaint.

    Here’s a link for the whole story:

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    Goodness gracious me! How so unfortunate! The baby boy Aaden Moreno was so cute and his father must have been a psychopath to kill the infant. The mother too should have taken custody of the child much earlier, when the man was getting physically abusive. Totally unfortunate!


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      That is his own flesh and blood, what the hell is he thinking? This is going to haunt him until the day that he dies on prison. What happened to the restraining order? Why did he still end up making this tragedy despite of having a restraining order against him. It is really terrible that things like this happened. That baby could have been someone with a bright future. What kind of father have the conscience to do this to his own baby. Parents should be protecting their children and not killing them.


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        I had the same reaction as you guys Bonzer Billy when I read the article. That baby was so innocent and the man's own flesh and blood but he still managed to do that to him. I am also confused as to why the restraining order wasn't able to protect the baby and his mother from that man. I just hope that he would really pay for what he did to his own child.


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          Such a tragic situation. It breaks my heart for the little baby who had only began his life and for him mom who tried so hard to protect him. She knew the dangers and she did everything in her power to get help. I will never understand how a father can take his child's life or how anybody can do anything of that nature. I really hope that he gets what he deserves though he probably won't. Of course, the laws in the US are must stricter then here in Canada. The poor mother of this child, her life has been destroyed forever.
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            Another low for humanity. It's a sad defeat for all of us. Humans are capable of doing anything, ANYTHING. And that fact scares the **** out of me.