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Massive internet and cell phone outage in the Southeast.

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  • Massive internet and cell phone outage in the Southeast.

    Many of the main cell phone providers were trying to get some kind of a problem fixed that was affecting most of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama yesterday. I was not affected by the outage as far as I know. The internet was working anytime that I was online, and I hardly ever use the phone.
    However, the police alerts were telling people not to try and use a cell phone if they had any kind of an emergency, because the calls were being lost. Many people no longer have a basic home phone; so I am sure that this would have been a problem for people if they had to call for help.
    They are not saying what caused the outage; but apparently things are working okay again today.

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    This is the reason why I did not get rid of my Landline connection. There are now packages were Landline connections gives free DSL internet vice versa. I find it disturbing that many people are getting rid of their landline connection and rely on their cellphone. There are modern landline phones now. My land line phone is in the form of a tablet. It looks like a cellphone with touch screen but it is landline phone. I never mind still having it because its part of my internet connection package.


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      Some landlines (the AT&T statement called them "wirelines") were also affected. This was not just a problem of cell phones, but a huge failure to have redundant systems in place. I expect that kind of outage in my remote area when something happens to the fiber-optic cable, but in more populated areas it is totally unacceptable. Here is an article that gives some background information.