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29 People die of stampede in India

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    With such a complicated religious landscape in India and a lot of socio-economic issues I'm not 100% familiar with, I can't comment too much on fault or blame of the tragedy. It unfortunately happened and it's great to see that things are being handled in an orderly manner now. I suppose a recommendation would be for visitors of such events to plan to visit after the first couple days of chaos, and for officials to use this event as a lesson to learn from and to prevent future tragedies. z

    Now a related domestic tragedy is people dying every year from stampedes from shoppers during Black Friday. How crazy is our society that people get most excited for what is essentially a sale. Is that a reflection of our materialistic and capitalist society? Are we just mindless sheep motivated by 85% off slashes on the latest smart TVs?


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      Stampedes are very difficult situations because during times of panic, our bodies go into autopilot and we are almost unable to control what we do, hence the resulting situation where everyone panics and people are put in harm's way as a result. People need to be educated on avoiding stampedes and keeping calm during these kinds of situations. I think the best strategy is to have authorities make sure people evacuate or do whatever is needed in a calm and organized manner, remind them that there is no need to panic.