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One killed, several injured in ice cave collapse in Washington State.

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  • One killed, several injured in ice cave collapse in Washington State.

    Hikers in Western Washington tried to go into what is called "Ice Caves" near Snohomish, Washington. When they were inside, the roof of the cave kind of exploded and then crashed down around the hikers, killing one, and injuring several more.
    At least three people have been airlifted to harborview Hospital is critical dondition, and there are reports of up to nine more being injured.
    This article explains what happened, and there is a link to a dramatic video that was taken at the actual time that the ice cave roof collapsed.
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    The newscaster seemed to be inferring in the video report that the warm weather was responsible for the ice falling (which makes sense). It was also mentioned in the telecast that five years ago a little girl was killed inside the cave when a large chunk of ice fell down. So, it would seem that this happens with some frequency. Sadly, despite multiple signs warning hikers not to go inside and comments from rangers doing the same, these people still risked their lives to go inside.

    I just watched the Youtube video that was linked to in the article showing parts of the roof collapsing on Sunday. Scary video. That is a lot of weight to fall down. It would appear that the most recent collapse was on a much larger scale, too.

    In the comments of the Youtube video, there was mention that a news release was issued in May warning the public of the dangers of the cave as sections had begun collapsing back then.
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      According to this article, one person was killed and four were injured after a popular ice cave in North East Seattle collapsed. Officials warned visitors beforehand about the dangers of visiting the cave, due to warming temperatures. Visitors in the area of the cave who were not inside the cave reported to have heard loud cracks before the cave actually collapsed. Among the injured are; a 25 year old man in critical condition, a 35 year old man, and a 35 year old woman; both in satisfactory conditions, and the fourth person was a juvenile girl, who suffered minor injuries. During the time that this article was written, it states that the person who died was still under the rubble of the collapsed cave.