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Missing women in Mexico

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    Originally posted by Briannagodess View Post
    That is quite frightening I must say! Living in a place where women are abducted frequently must be scary for you? How do you protect yourself and even prevent this from happening to you? Sorry for the many questions, it is just not always thay I get first hand information like this. Take care of yourself there!
    Well, I'm not a women but it's also scary for me because most of the time I'm surrendered by them: siblings, cousins, friends and my mother. And they usually don't go out at night, or at least not alone. In the city were I live this situations are not that common, but it is common in states like Sinaloa and cities like Ciudad Juarez.
    But street robbery is common on my city, so I try to not carry a lot of things that I could get robbed with me.
    And it's okay if you ask questions, take care of yourself too!
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      Oh sorry my mistake! Yes I always worry about my mom and especially my sister too. I think going out in groups is a good way to be safer. Attackers always target women who are alone. Robbery is also common here. You cannot even text while walking or you will be an easy target. That is a good idea too, to lessen the valuables you are bringing.