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Dolphin Jumps Into Boat and Injures a Woman

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  • Dolphin Jumps Into Boat and Injures a Woman

    A family was watching a group of dolphins from their boat as part of their Fatherís Day celebration and wedding anniversary when suddenly one of the dolphins jumped on the boat and landed on the mother of two. Both of her ankles were broken and her daughter was also punched on the face.

    It was an extraordinary event because it was the first time harbour officials in the area ever heard of a dolphin jumping aboard boats. They said that there might have been something in the water that scared the dolphin, forcing it to jump on the boat.

    The poor dolphin bled from several cuts on its tail and nose which it sustained from the unexpected jump. When the family got back to the harbour, they have managed to release the dolphin with the help of two others. The dolphin swam away with no problem so they were hoping that the dolphin could survive.

    Hereís a link on the story:

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    That is a freak accident. I've lived around these guys all my life and I've never heard of any jumping into a boat before. I wish that happened all the time when it comes to Ahi Tuna.


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      JoshPosh It would have been big bucks if it were a big tuna that jumped over the boat. Good thing the woman only suffered injury to the knees and nothing more. I'm also glad the Dolphin made it out alive because it would have been dreadful to lose such another beautiful creation of nature.


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        In a similar incident that happened in Florida, a girl was killed when a large sturgeon jumoed from the Suwannee River and landed in the boat.
        Sturgeon are an ancient fish that are not often seen any more, and they can grow to be close to 10 feet long.
        When fishermen fish for the sturgeon, it is done with long cables which are put into the water and then baited and checked eery few hours.
        It would take several men a long time to pull in one large sturgeon, however they used to be caught and eaten by the early settlers as well as native Indians in the areas where sturgeon lived in the river. Cavier is made from sturgeon eggs, called roe.


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          Tumbleweed That is so unfortunate of the 5-yer-old girl. I feel sorry for her family for having to bear the pain of losing her at such a young age for what was suppose to be a family bonding time. Both stories of the dolphin and the sturgeon indeed have similar scenarios. It's just so sad that a young girl died because of the sturgeon fish.


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            Wow that is a freak.accident and one that they wouldn't be really prepared for. Stuff like that just don't happen. Sorry to hear about the little girl dying in the other incident involving the sturgeon. That really breaks my heart.
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              Originally posted by Susan View Post
              Wow that is a freak.accident and one that they wouldn't be really prepared for. Stuff like that just don't happen. Sorry to hear about the little dying. That really breaks my heart.
              Nobody died in this incident. Additionally, these types of incidents happen with some regularity, especially in Florida, as can be read here, here and here.


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                Yes I realize that I guess I didn't make myself clear so I edited my comment. I meant in the incident that Tumbleweed mentioned of the little girl who was killed when the sturgeon jumped on the boat. I guess being from where I am it would seem like a freak accident but I guess after reading the above articles it does happen quite often.