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Large Scale Death and Sickness from Alcohol Poisoning in Mumbai

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    Originally posted by Alexandoy View Post
    Huh, 90 dead from poisonous alcohol. Sometimes it makes me wonder why some people are still in the dark ages. Isn't this the digital age when virtually everything is in the internet? It's so easy to Google whatever you may need. That means some pressing of the keys would easily tell you that bootlegged alcoholic drinks may be hazardous to your health. Oh, well, that's the result of ignorance. I am sorry for the victims in Mumbai and I hope this incident would serve as a neat lesson.
    May I suggest you read through this entire thread as all of your questions are answered within. For poor people, buying illicit hooch/moonshine is the only way they can get access to alcohol. Those that are brewing this alcohol are purposefully doing so using chemicals such as methanol in an effort to turn a small amount of genuine alcohol into thousands of liters of illegal alcohol to maximize their profits. They don't care about the well being of those drinking it. They care only about the money they can make.
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      It is really awful that people would do this. I hope the government realizes the part they are playing in this type of disaster which could have been largely avoided if most individuals were able to afford a good drink. it also seems as though many need to be educated about what it is they are ingesting and the consequences. Perhaps then they would think twice before taking this route.


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        For centuries, people have been making beer and other alcoholic drinks. Because in some places, the water was not safe to drink, or polluted; and it just made sense to ferment something into a drink.
        I have an old book that explains how to do most of the old-time homesteading procedures, and one of the things in that book was how to make enough beer for the family to drink over the winter.
        Yes...even the children drank the beer. It was probably a low alcohol content; but it was perfectly safe to drink, and not even that hard to make.
        So, it is not like these people could not have had something else to drink, they just could not have had the moonshine, with the high alcohol content.


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          This is very common in poor areas of the world. Remember, these are very uneducated people and all it takes is one person to brew this stuff and not know what he is doing.

          On the flip side, ´how can people do something that is so harmful to themselves´.. In the USA, we have millions of people using Meth every day... we have people going into supermarkets and inhaling ´whip-its´ to get a buzz. Addiction, lack of education and just stupidity.. it can be found everywhere.