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Drug Overdose Deaths On The Rise

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    People usually resorts to drugs to escape their problems fill an empty void inside them. A person with a good support system from his family will be able to handle all of life's hardships so they won't resort to escaping because they know they can face the problem and they wont feel alone. If a person don't feel alone, they wont be afraid to face their problems. Now we live in an era where every member of the family is busy with their electronic gadgets. Families don't communicate anymore even if they live on the same household. Then we have a pop culture that promotes partying, getting drunk and doing drugs.

    That is my observation to this society.


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      Sometimes even having a good support system is not enough. It depends on the persons mental ability to handle reality and all the ups and downs of it. Peer pressure is a big factor in it also. Seeing your friends and others doing it, many people want to fit in.... so they give it a try and get lost to it.
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