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    Many people believe in this and some don't. Which disaster will happen because of climate change? Will it be extreme heat that is too much to bear? Will it be storms that are so bad they create havoc across the world? Or will it be the rising of the oceans? It will almost assuredly be a combination of all of these. The question is if we keep on the current path, when will these issues become true disaster? In the next century or even earlier?

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    Climate change is a constant. The earth's 'normal' climate is an extremely broad ranging from centuries of ice ages and much shorter periods of warmth particularly suited for easy human existence to periods of temperatures that kept humans under cover during the day and out and about in only the late evening, night time, and early morning hours. Humans have been dealing with this climate and the constant changes since the existence of humans. They will continue to deal with them. Many will die due to the hardships of some of the swings, others will flourish.

    It is happening right now. There is no waiting for it. In the US areas are having one hundred year old low temperatures and snowfall records broken, with other areas in the midst of long hot, dry droughts. Somewhere in the world, on any given day, there is a weather related disaster that some humans must deal with. And one can be sure that the other extreme will occur at some point in time. No one knows when that will be at any given location, but it will occur. Best to be ready for both extremes and simply take advantage and enjoy the times when climactic weather patterns are ideal in a location.

    It will be centuries in some areas before certain things occur. Others, as I stated, are occurring right now. So be ready for anything.

    Just my opinion.
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    Jerry D Young

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best and always remember TANSTAAFL
    (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch - Robert A Heinlein)


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      A lot of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) being promoted by the media and the politicians, and neither are the least bit interested in solutions. It is all about money, greed, power and control. That being said, the planet can not help but change when the population grows, and all that comes along with that, as it has in the past few decades. The planet is and has been affected, just quit limiting it to "climate" and get on with some viable solutions.

      I'm with Jerry, the only thing you can count on is change, so plan accordingly.

      We just got 1.5" of ice, power is out all over, we were 4 days with none and sub freezing temps at the same time. I am not sure how people will survive, if as the OP submits, "reeks havoc across the world". Most in the US, can't go a day with out their devices. Snow forecasts sell out TP and Milk before the storm even starts.
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        One thing I learned many years ago when I was in middle school was that the Earth will take care of itself. As long as humans mistreat it, the earth will do what is necessary to try and maintain its existence. In other words, population will decrease due to earth changes and we will have less people to create havoc on the earth.


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          Climate change is happening as we speak. Just look at all of the storms we're having these days. They're bigger and stronger than ever and causing a lot more damage than storms of the past. We as humans are the cause of this. Global Warming is real and these are the results.


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            We're in a climate change as we speak. The storms we're having are so much stronger now than years of the past, which comes from a result of global warming. As I spoke on this before, just watch the news and go to websites like the weather channel, to get accurate knowledge. Climate change will result in devastation caused by stronger storms, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis.


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              Climate change is a proven fact, with a consensus among 99% of climatologists and scientists. Denying that climate change exists would be like denying that the earth is round and revolves around the sun.

              Sadly, climate change's effects are varied and are affecting us right now. The most glaring evidence would have to be the formation of stronger storms due to warmer air currents. Typhoon Haiyan was probably the storm of the century, or maybe not. With the way things are going and with it being relatively early in the century, we may have stronger storms to come.
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                Originally posted by vinceasneed View Post
                Many people believe in this and some don't. Which disaster will happen because of climate change? Will it be extreme heat that is too much to bear? Will it be storms that are so bad they create havoc across the world? Or will it be the rising of the oceans? It will almost assuredly be a combination of all of these. The question is if we keep on the current path, when will these issues become true disaster? In the next century or even earlier?
                A lot of people are being in climate change denial. They just don't see it or don't want to unless they will be directly affected by it.

                For about a decade the Maldives Islands have seen a dramatic rise in ocean level and they are desperately trying to reclaim it with heavy machinery. It isn't working. They have asked the United Nations to lower emissions to bring a stop to global warming. They originally said yes but changed their minds later. Are you surprised at that?

                I really don't think the West will get involved until a major city or military base begins to go under water. Say like California or Hawaii. If those place go under or in threat, you can bet the US government will step in and do something about it.

                I never gave thought about the super typhoons that can be produced from climate change. I watched a documentary on Typhoon Haiyan, and they explained how it got formed. So climate change is directly related to Typhoons.
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                  I think it's funny that, when they found that they were wrong about global warming, they changed its name to climate change. Now, no matter what occurs with the weather, it is touted as a sure sign of climate change. If the temperatures are low in Maine in February, that's a sign of climate change. If we have a warmer than usual February, that's global warming. If there are hurricanes along the coast, that's climate change. If there aren't very many hurricanes during hurricane season, that's climate change too. If it rains, that's climate change. If it doesn't rain, that's climate change also. It's all pretty crazy but a large part of our population has been trained to believe anything, and they do.

                  Is our climate changing? Certainly, it is. There would be something terribly wrong if it wasn't because the earth's climate has changed throughout its history. We have had several ice ages, followed by global melting. People weren't driving cars then, and some of them occurred even before there were people. I live in Maine. Our geography was largely formed by glaciers. Before these glaciers, it is believed that there were people here, but these people were not tooling around in SUVs. Nevertheless, the glaciers came and the people were gone. Then, despite the fact that there were no people here, the glaciers melted, and other people moved in.

                  If there is one thing that we can be sure of, as our planet is concerned, that is that the climate will change. Over and over again, the climate of the earth will change. Taxing us more heavily, depriving us of even more of our liberties, and lowering our standard of living isn't going to change that.
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                    Climate change is this cause of all of these storms now a days. It depends on what area you're in as well. Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Flooding is very regular. Also the storms seem to be stronger than years of the past. studies have shown that humans are the cause of these things because of the damage to Green House Effect.


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                      Yes, climate change is as normal as night and day but what the UN and supporters of the green movement are clamoring for is an end to all activities that drastically alter the normality of climate change for the worse (e.g.manufacturing plastic, appliances and other stuff in factories that emit CFC and greenhouse gases that destroy the ozone layer and contribute to rising sea levels) . I guess that part wasn't cleared up.


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                        Despite the ridiculous winter in the Northeast US, the rest of the world is still growing steadily warmer as evidenced by this article that I read today.

                        The globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for February 2015 was the second highest since record keeping began in 1880. Both the year-to-date (January–February) and seasonal (December–February) globally averaged temperatures were record high.
                        • During February, the average temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.48°F (0.82°C) above the 20th century average. This was the second highest for February in the 1880–2015 record. The highest temperature occurred in 1998, at 1.55°F (0.86°C) above average.
                        • During February, the globally-averaged land surface temperature was 3.02°F (1.68°C) above the 20th century average. This was also the second highest for February in the 1880–2015 record. The highest temperature occurred in 2002, at 3.06°F (1.70°C) above average.

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                          People who say there is no climate change must be ignorant. It is so obvious that the climate is constantly changing. It gets hotter and hotter each year where I live. The changing climate is obvious worldwide. However, we do need to take precautions to prevent global warming and allow the earth to carry on with its natural patterns.


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                            I read this article on the climate change in Africa on GH Scientific today that provided some eye opening numbers. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.07oC per decade in the last century.

                            However, in the last 25 years, temperatures have risen faster about 0.18oC per decade with the last decade (2001-2010) being the warmest on record. The average temperature over this period is 0.46oC more than the 1961-1990 mean, and 0.21oC warmer than previous decades. This is consistent with a long term warming trend.

                            As a result of the increase in global temperatures, the global average sea level has risen since 1961 at an average rate of 1.8 mm per year, and since 1993 at 3.1 mm per year. At the same time, there has been a significant increase in precipitation in the southern parts of North and South America, northern Europe and northern and central Asia. While these regions are experiencing heavy precipitation events, others including the Sahel, the Mediterranean, South Africa and parts of south Asia are experiencing dry conditions.


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                              During the Medieval Warm Period the Vikings farmed in Greenland, in areas that are currently under ice. And contrary to what alarmists would have you believe, the warmth was not limited to the north Atlantic region. Studies have found higher treelines on the mountains of several continents that coincide with that time period, indicating global temperatures higher than today's. There is also a fair amount of evidence to show that it was even warmer during the Roman Empire. Those warm periods obviously had nothing to do with carbon emissions. It seems far more likely that the climate cycles are influenced by our sun, and completely out of our control.

                              As for claiming that storms are more frequent or more severe today as a result of global warming or climate change or whatever you want to call it, that simply shows a lack of knowledge of history or buying into media hype. Although we have far more global coverage of every storm that happens now, it doesn't change the fact that catastrophic storms have happened often throughout history. A little bit of searching turns up quite a list of severe weather in nearly any decade you choose to research. Imagine all the information on storms that one could find if past decades had the constant, widespread media coverage that we have today. As it is, most historical information only highlights the worst events and ignores many of the lesser storms that would get massive coverage these days. I've talked with people in their 80s who scoff at much of what passes for severe weather now.