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Perfect Disaster, Ice Storm 2006

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  • Perfect Disaster, Ice Storm 2006

    The following documentary is on the Montreal ice storm of 2006. That storm season hit North America pretty hard, but Central Canada experienced some extreme weather. The documentary covers the science behind ice storms, as well as the event.

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    This documentary just makes me thank I live in a tropical country. Yes monsoons are traumatic to experience but this documentary makes me realize how dangerous winter can be. Many people from the tropics fantasizes to experience winter but this documentary makes me realize that winter is nothing like how Christmas movies had portrayed them. I never thought winters can cause a lot of chaos and suffering to people. That one is really frightening.


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      Although all season have good and bad both atmosphere. During winter ice storms, in summer over heating causes various issues and during monsoon time over raining causes floods in many countries. All everyone just need to follow relevant rules to keep nature balance under control, so that different season can only show us good environment, rather then bad.