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Bruce Willis caters food for firefighters !

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  • Bruce Willis caters food for firefighters !

    Bruce Willis, who owns a home in southern Idaho, has taken it upon himself to show his appreciation for the firefighters who have been battleing the forest fires in Southern Idaho. He had meals catered in for almost 500 firefighter, ass a show of gratitude, plus set up a snack program so that the firefighter who could not even take time out for a meal could at least have a snack to eat.

    There are many of the rich celebrities who have homes near Sun Valley Idaho; but this is the only one of them who seems to care enough to actually show any appreciation in a beneficial way like Bruce Willis has done.
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    That was a very classy move on his part. Firefighters have an incredibly hard job in general, but this year has been pretty gnarly for wildfires. Every little bit of help or show of appreciation is a positive.
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