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Possible relationship between earthquakes, volcanoes and the wildfires.

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  • Possible relationship between earthquakes, volcanoes and the wildfires.

    Here is an interestling link from Dutchsinse, who folloews natural disasters like earthquakes and volcano activity. He has noticed that some of the recent fires in that area are happening near places where there is underground heat from supervolcanoes like Yellowstone. Idaho has a supervolcano in the southern part of the state, and there was a tragedy recently where a hiker was badly burned and his dogs were killed.
    While hiking in an area that they hiked in often, the man and his dogs stopped by a hot springs that was usually mildly warm, and the two dogs ranahead and jumped into the water. The water was boiling hot, one dog died immediately, and the hiker also went into the boiling water to rescue the other dog. He was badly burned, and both dogs died.
    Firefighters working in the area found the hiker, and called for a helicopter to rescue the man and get him to a hospital. They do not know why the ground and the springs is so hot suddenly.
    However, some of theother fires in Washington and Idaho are also happening in an area where there is volcanoes in that aprt of the state.
    There has also been earthquake swarms rightin the same part of Idaho where the hiker was killed.
    It is possible that underground heating of the earth may be partly what has been causing these wildfires.