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Three firefighters die in Washington wildfire.

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  • Three firefighters die in Washington wildfire.

    Three firefighters were killed and several more were badly injured when they were fighting a forest fire near the small town of Twisp, Washington. This is only one of the fires in Okanogan county; plus there are several others in other parts of eastern Washington.
    According to the news article, the wind changed on the fire, trapping the firefighters before they could escape.
    Here is an article with pictures, and the fire looks reallybad. there are evacuation orders out for this fire, as well as some of the other fires in the northwest right now.

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    What a horrible day for all firefighters! Twisp isn't too far from me, and our whole region is blowing up with out-of-control fires. I hadn't even heard of a fire near there until this afternoon when I learned they were evacuating the town. Soon after that I heard the awful news. I sure hope that we don't have any more deaths or injuries, but we still have a long way to go in this miserable fire season.
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      Idaho has fires all over, and has been declared a state of emergency by the governor. I haven't heard about Washingotn; but from what i have been reading, there are a lot of fires all over the eastern and central part of that state as well, so it might be declared an emergency, too.
      It is good that in times like this, communities all pull together to help provide food and shelter to firefighters and people in need from the evacuations. I see all sorts of offers for hauling livestock, and providing hay or other feed , and even safe pastures for animals.