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Glacier park wildfire.

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  • Glacier park wildfire.

    A forest fire is still burining out of control in Glacier park , in the state of Montana. They have sent in a specialty team of firefighters that are only sent to the worst fires in the US, but the fire continues to spread, although the park is so large that most parts of it are still safe for tourists to be there.
    Firefighters are also battling wildfires in California and Washington, since the whole western part of the United States has been especially dry this year.
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    This report raises some concerns that temperatures in southeast Montana could exceed 100 degrees on Monday and bring with it extremely low humidity. This, combined with a chance for lightning, would make for a bad combination and fuel the potential for new fires.

    This paragraph provides some context for the concern:

    The last time that combination of wind, high temperatures and low relative humidity hit southeastern Montana was 2012, and major wildfires resulted including the Ash Creek fire, which burned more than 250,000 acres in Rosebud and Powder River counties.

    One concern about the Reynolds Creek fire in eastern Glacier Park is that it’s burning on the north side of St. Mary Lake, where the fuels are more conducive to more rapid spread, Henry said.

    “The potential spread is greater on that north side,” he said. “That’s something that concerns me a little bit more about this one as opposed to the one in 2006.”