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  • Alaskan Wildfire

    A wildfire that started Sunday in Willow Alaska prompted a 15-mile long evacuation order inside and around the Alaskan community. The fire moved fast because of erratic winds that burned at least 35 to 45 structures and killed some animals. The hot weather during the night also made the fire grow stronger which became the firefighter's biggest concern. Mark Roberts, a state emergency management official hopes for rain because the fire has been moving too fast thinning their resources. Here's a link to the recent update on the fire:

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    I now understand why there are so many wildfire incidents in the last few months. The hot weather is one of the main culprits. There's hardly any rain and forest areas have practically become arid.


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      I will be interested to find out the results of the investigation as the BBC, citing local authorities, are reporting that the fires were started by humans, although the exact cause is yet to be established.

      Al Jazeera backs up this claim in an interview with the Alaska Forestry Division spokesman confirming that the fire was indeed ignited by human activity.

      The hot, dry heat is certainly going to have a negative impact and increase the likelihood that the fires continue to spread, causing further damage and destruction.


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        When I was young, I thought of Alaska as a place where there is ice and snow all year round. I didn't know that there is a time that Alaska is like an ordinary place with forest and wildlife. It's just sad that even that remote place would suffer a wildfire. Maybe or maybe not that the fire was started by people, what's got to be done is to create a panel in drafting preventive measures so that it will not be repeated.
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          One thing I've noticed with wildfires is the big factor that the weather condition causes. As what Alexandoy said, I also never thought that Alaska would be experiencing wildfires because I also thought it was covered with ice most of the year. It surprised me that hot weather also affected Alaska which contributed to the fast movement of the fire.


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            The more reports that surface, the more it appears that fires were human-caused. This report in the Alaska Dispatch News contains comments from neighbors stating that fireworks were being used at the property where the wildfire started on Sunday and left their home once the flames grew out of control. The state fire marshal confirmed again that evidence points to the fire being started by a human as there was there was no lightning striking around the area at the time.


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              Wildfires could be devastating, for they not only kill several species of wild animals but also destroy thickly spread vegetation. They severely affect the ecological balance of the region and harbor greenhouse gases as the hitherto vegetation is destroyed. In addition to government help, people should form voluntary organizations and evolve some preventive strategies to counter wildfires.


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                In light of the recent news that it is believed that fireworks started the original wildfire, officials in Alaska have now issued a ban on all fireworks and open burning in the central and interior regions of the state.

                Firefighters from all over the country and have now joined together in Alaska in an effort to battle the two major wildfires that have spawned some 53 smaller blazes. So far, as many as 100 structures have been damaged or destroyed.

                More on the continuing efforts by the firefighters to put an end to the blaze and the new ban on fireworks can be read here


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                  It was confirmed today that a total of 26 houses have been completely destroyed due to the Sockeye Fire in Willow. An assessment found that a total of 132 properties were involved in the fire with approximately 800 residents being displaced. It appears that residents will be allowed to return to their homes on Saturday despite estimates that just 5 percent of the fire is now contained.

                  For those interested, more can be read here