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Huge wildfires in Siberia, still spreading.

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  • Huge wildfires in Siberia, still spreading.

    It appears that there are several wildfires in southern Siberia, in Russia, and they are all raging out of control at this point. I am not sure if one of these is the same one that was burning near Chernobyl last month; but it sounds like they are all in around the same area of Siberia.
    The firefighters are bringing in water and dumping it on the fires; but the fires are apparently just too large for them to get under control.

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    I wish they would say how many animals these fires are displacing and how much forest land is being burnt. I also wonder if any weather systems that we get here in the U.S. actually start in that region of the world. A major loss in wooded areas may have an impact on our weather over here in the states.


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      Wildfires are terrible. I can only guess how smoke it has generated.. it's impressive. Once time I saw a wildfire in the moment of catching fire and it started burning like a blast. The smoke was spreading like a oil does on a plate.. it was terrifying. Moreover the aid supplies came really slow and the firefighters weren't that much in order to extinguish the fire.