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  • Wildfire season

    Wildfires season appears to be starting early this year with the drought continuing in California and other areas. Do you live in an at risk area? How are you preparing?

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    No,quite a safe one,there are greeneries in the surrounding,even parks,but it wouldn't spark up a "wild fire of sorts" where it can rage on.It can be gulfed down i think.Even if in case we have a fire,a wildfire,we have equipped ourselves with extinguishers.There are at least a 100 extinguishers in and around our building.Should suffice.
    and wait,the fire station is just a couple of minutes away.Now rest assured for myself,i am safe.


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      I am safe too. Still better to be safe than sorry.
      Here's a link for those who are at a risk.
      Preparing for a wildfire starts with 3 simple steps: Ready, Set, Go. These steps involve creating defensible space, making your home more resistant to wildfires, and ensuring that your family is ready to evacuate early and safely when wildfire happen


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        Wildfires rarely happen where I'm from. Although it can get extremely hot with the northern areas registering a record high of 40 degrees celsius, thanks to occasional rainshowers and gusty monsoon winds, there isn't enough opportunity for wild fire to develop. We do have man-made wildfires (those caused deliberately by humans) so local governments regularly send men to check fire-prone areas and policemen conduct checkpoints every night. It's a bother because we're currently in the dry season. There's hardly any water to spare but residents are doing their best not to add up to the problem.


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          I am in Arizona and wildfires are a reality we have to prepare for and be aware of. Has anyone here heard of the Yarnell Hill fire? It wasn't that big, but it was deadly.


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            With this extreme heat punishing the country, I think it can be called wildfire season. We have no forest rangers here so I hope the local government would provide their forest watchers at least so when a bush fire breaks out, he can seek help. All localities have their own fire department so extinguishing the fire is not much of a problem. The crux is the early detection.


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              It looks as though Canada has been hit quite hard with wildfires already with 5,000 people being evacuated in Alberta, Canada due to 70 wildfires. Fortunately, there are no reports of any damages to houses though it appears that twenty of the fires are out-of-control, and 55 of them were sparked by lightning. As many as 1,600 firefighters are battling the wildfires.

              More can be read here