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Tornado kills one person in Italy

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  • Tornado kills one person in Italy

    In recent weeks Italy has been suffering through an oppressive heatwave. They are now recovering from the after effects of an F2 tornado which swept through the outskirts of Venice.

    With wind speeds registering 125mph, the storm destroyed homes and buildings and left at least one person dead and more than 30 others injured. The tornado killed one person by lifting their car off the ground, in which driver died on impact when the vehicle hit the ground.

    In addition to the tornado, the area was also blanketed with lightning strikes that struck an eight-year-old girl.

    Video of the cone-shaped tornado throwing debris across a road can be seen below.

    Video Copyright: Media & News

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    Such a devastating tragedy.. even though only person died. More could've died nonetheless, any type of tornado is dangerous. I also hope the eight-year old guy is okay, getting hit by a lightning strike is quite rare but also devastating, and it can kill. Thanks for uploading the video as well. It's a good example of realistically how tornados can affect the normal lifestyle of people.